Diagnostic Testing

Neogen develops, manufactures and markets a diverse line of products dedicated to food and animal safety. Neogen develops and markets dehydrated culture media, and rapid diagnostic test kits to detect foodborne bacteria, spoilage organisms, mycotoxins, food allergens, genetic modifications, drug residues, plant diseases, and sanitation concerns. Neogen also markets a complete line of diagnostics, veterinary instruments, veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements etc.

Creative Diagnostics is the leading manufacturer of diagnostic antibodies, critical assay reagents, and GMP biologics for biopharmaceutical segment.

Axis-Shield specializes in proprietary markers for the early diagnosis and management of critical illnesses, and CE marked assay kits.

Virus transportation media

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Eagle Biosciences has quickly become a leading provider of ELISA assay kits, HPLC assay kits, Molecular Biology assays, antibodies, and proteins. With all of their product offerings, they keep their primary focus on providing esoteric and innovative products that aid medical research and clinical laboratories.

Rekom Biotech is a biotechnology company focused on the design and manufacturing of IVD reagents for the diagnosis of human and animal infectious diseases, and allergies. They offer high quality, validated and versatile raw material, suitable for use in the various platforms available on the market, among others: second and third generation ELISAs, immunochromatography, chemiluminescence, Western blot, dot-blot, etc.

Meridian is a fully integrated life science company that develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes a broad range of innovative diagnostic products and critical raw materials. As the Life Science division of Meridian, our focus is on supporting immunological and molecular test manufacturers with original raw materials for human, animal, plant, and environmental applications.

Arista Biologicals Inc., founded in 1993 by Dr. John Colanduoni, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rapid diagnostic reagents and equipment. Their technical staff has extensive experience specializing in rapid diagnostic test and reagent manufacturing. Satisfied customers worldwide have used the products in their manufacturing processes. They design, develop, manufacture, and market reagents for the rapid diagnostic test industry.

ImmunoCentrix Corporation is a world-class provider of highest quality in vitro diagnostic tests and products for diagnostic and research purposes. They offer full range of Immunoassays to private institutions, academics, research, and worldwide distributors. They are customer-focused and provide exceptional technical support and customer service. Their product portfolio continues the commitment to the highest levels of quality, guided by the FDA regulations and ISO standards.

Svar Life Science, a Swedish group of companies, specializes in inventing, developing, and applying the best assay technology for drug development and clinical diagnostics. They aim to deliver tailored solutions, create practical platforms for routine clinical testing, and share knowledge to enhance competencies through partnerships.