Diagnostic Reagents

  • Neogen Corporation provides assays for hormones, steroids, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, eicosanoids, thromboxanes, cyclic nucleotides, lipoxins and histamine
  • Extensive line of research ELISA test kits manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility
  • Substrates and reagents for immunoassay applications
  • Toxicology Division offers extensive line of drug detection test kits
  • ELISA test kits for forensic toxicology, animal sport toxicology as well as services and support for automated testing equipment
  • Mycotoxin test kits for use with food and feeds to detect aflatoxin, as well as aflatoxin M1, deoxynivalenol (DON), fumonisin, ochratoxin, T-2/HT-2, and zearalenone
  • Creative Diagnostics supplies therapeutic antibodies validated for diagnostic use
  • Antibodies, nanobodies and blood group antibodies
  • Viral antigen and serum
  • Hybridoma (the most comprehensive list)
  • ELISA kits and devices (rapid test kits, cell counting kits, IHC kits)
  • Colloidal gold particles and adjuvant
  • Services: custom antibody development, ELISA kits development and analytical/biological services
  • CUSABIO manufactures more than 10,000 high quality ELISA kits for about 40 species
  • CusAb division provides 50,000 validated antibodies, 5000+ recombinant proteins, 500+ cytokinds, 13,000 cDNA clones in cancer, cell biology, immunology, neuroscience epigenetics
  • Assay kits and drug residue kits
  • More than 6,000 antibody production and customization
  • Native protein and recombinant protein
  • RT-PCR primers and cDNA clone
  • Standards, small molecule antigens and peptides
  • Diagnostic antibody, immune serum and antigen
  • Cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Anti CCP, Homocysteine (EIA kit or enzymatic assay)
  • Sepsis management: Heporin binding protein (HBP)
  • Vitamin deficiencies: Active Vit B-12 assay
  • Syphilis infection & screening
  • Detect IF Pneumocystis carinii infection

Virus transportation media

Fastest test kid for COVID-19

  • Assay kits
  • Assay components
  • MHC Tetramers
  • SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 kits
  • Antibodies & Antigen
  • Molecular Biology kits
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