Compounds Screening Libraries

  • Extensive Covid-19 related inhibitors
  • Compound Libraries
  • Natural Product Libraries
  • Pfizer Licensed Products
  • InVivo Antibodies
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis
  • Enzymes for Coronavirus nucleic acid test
  • Zymogens
  • Enzymes and Coenzymes
  • Lipids and probiotics
  • Plant extracts
  • TargetMol is a leading supplier in drug discovery and screening
  • More than 3800 inhibitors in cell signalling pathways and drug discovery
  • 50-100 new inhibitors released every month
  • More than 45 types of compound libraries in cell induction, signalling pathway and HTS
  • Customize individual compound libraries by selecting specific molecules, quantities, concentrations and format
  • Provide a wide range of natural compounds
  • Provide the best Virtual Natural Compound Library (VNCL) worldwide. This virtual compound library, including 5100 natural compound structures, could be used in computational screening to identify the compound candidate
  • Approved Drug Library
  • Bioactive Compound Library
  • Clinical Compound Library
  • FDA-approved Drug Library
  • Inhibitor Library
  • Kinase Inhibitor Library
  • Natural Compound Library
  • Stem Cell Differential Library

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