iPSC-Derived Cell Products

  • opti-oxTM  powered human iPSC-derived ioGlutamatergic Neurons for the study of neurological activity and disease, suitable for 3D bioprinting and High-Throughput Screening. 
  • opti-oxTM  powered human iPSC-derived ioSkeletal Myocytes for research, disease modelling and High-Throughput Screening focused on muscle, neuromuscular, and associated metabolic disorders.
  • Cells are physiologically relevant and phenotypically characterised, and for the first time, available at scale, offering predictive, in vitro, cells for drug screening.
  • More products launching soon with a focus on central nervous, immune and muscle systems including disease models generated using CRISPR technology.
  • Human iPSC-Derived Cells
  • Available cell types include Excitatory neurons, Cholinergic neurons, Neural precursor cells and Astrocytes
  • Source iPSCs: Healthy control, Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, Autism spectrum disorder
  • Available iPSC Lines Through CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine ) Repository
  • Elixirgen Scientific offers services including Differentiation Services, Assay Services, Differentiation protocol development services