Molecular Biology

  • NGS Library Prep Kits that Vazyme could offer include DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, Single Cell-Req, Epigenetics, Beads and cfDNA.
  • For Molecular Research, Vazyme offers various reagents for Molecular Cloning/ Mutagenesis, Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis, Reverse Transcription, qPCR Master Mix and genome editing
  • Popular products: HiScript II U One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit, VAHTS Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina, 2 x Phanta Max Master Mix (Dye Plus)
  • GenTarget provides proprietary bio-reagents and services with an emphasis on Lentivirus and Adenovirus gene delivery technologies, providing Pre-made Lentiviruses and Adenovirus for gene over-expression, knockdown, miRNA expression, Pre-made mammalian stable cell lines, and more.
  • GenTarget’s premade, ready-to-use, target expression lentivirus are the most advanced delivery tool for the delivery a specific-target-expression into a wide range of cell types, including primary cells and non-dividing cells.
  • Gentarget produces lentivirus that express all kinds of infectious antigens. Those expression ready lentivirus can produce high expression in your desired mammalian cell type.
  • Constitutive target expression stable cell lines and Tetracycline inducible target expression stable cell lines are generated by Gentarget.
  • NGS library preparation kits (DNA library prep kit and RNA library prep kit)
  • Nucleotide Solutions and reaction buffers
  • RNA&DNA Modifying Enzymes
  • PCR, qPCR and amplification products
  • DNA or RNA ligases
  • Restriction Endonucleases
  • DNA Ladder / DNA marker
  • Amytracker – a fluorescent tracer molecule for staining of amyloids and other protein aggregates.
  • EbbaBiolight – a fluorescent tracer for probing and detecting bacteria and biofilm.
  • Carbotrace – a fluorescent tracer molecule for spectral imaging of carbohydrates.
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