About Us

Afirmus Mission : To bring the most advanced technologies and innovative products to lab bench so as to accelerate scientific research findings.

⬥ Top Quality Products ⬥ Shortest Response Time ⬥ Fast Turnaround Time ⬥ Customer Oriented Team ⬥

Afirmus Biosource specializes in central sourcing and distribution of laboratory and clinical research reagents and instruments to the Life Science and Biotechnology industry in Singapore and South-East Asia.

We have a dedicated team who understand the fast changing needs of research scientists and clinicians. As a result, we are able to bring new technology platforms and products to our customers through market intelligence based sales and recommendation.

We offer integrated solutions to support future discoveries and innovations in various life science research areas such as immune function studies, metabolic diseases, drug discovery and development.

We are constantly striving to expand our products portfolio to offer a complete solution to our valued customers. We look forward to working with more suppliers who can support us with top quality products, equipments and services.

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