We supply quality products and innovative solutions to researchers who carry out biomedical science research and development in the following sectors:

– Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI)
– Bioinformatics Institute (BII)
– Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)
– Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN)
– Institute for Medical Biology (IMB)
– Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB)
– Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC)
– Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC)
– Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS)
– Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN)
– Clinical Imaging Research Centre (CIRC)

– National University of Singapore
– Nanyang Technological University
– Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
– Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
– Cancer Science Institute of Singapore
– Polytechnics

– National University Health System

  • National University Hospital
  • NUS – YLL School of Medicine

– SingHealth Hospitals and Specialty Centres

  • Singapore General Hospital
  • KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • National Cancer Centre Singapore
  • National Dental Centre Singapore
  • National Heart Centre Singapore
  • National Neuroscience Institute
  • Singapore National Eye Centre
  • Polyclinics

– Alexandra Health System

  • KhooTeckPuat Hospital
  • Yishun Community Hospital (coming soon)

– Clinical Research Organizations
– Testing and Inspection Laboratories
– Biopharmaceutical companies

Driven by government initiatives, Singapore aims to be a leading biomedical sciences hub in the South East Asia region and the prominent “Biopolis” of Asia. Singapore presents valuable opportunities to tap into the multidisciplinary capabilities offered by an integrated research network in basic and translational research.

Over the years, Singapore has successfully spearhead economic-oriented research to advance scientific discovery and develop innovative technology. We have built strength in biomedical R&D activities in the field of Asian nutrition, bioimaging, biodevices and diagnostics, bioprocessing, clinical analysis, computational biology, delivery and packaging, drugs/biologics discovery and development, encapsulation, formulation, human development, immunology, molecular and cell biology, modelling and simulation, skin and hair biology, and systems biology etc.

Our company is interested in partnering with established suppliers who intend to introduce their new products and technologies to the research community in Singapore and develop their market in South East Asia and beyond. As a strategic partner in this region, we assist our suppliers in identifying business opportunities, penetrating into the mature life science market locally, and expanding their distribution network from Singapore to other South East Asian countries. We also provide them with market-intelligence based sales analysis and marketing support to grow their total regional business in South East Asia.