Molecular Biology

Vazyme is committed to research and development, both in technology and products focusing on functional proteins such as enzymes, antigens, antibodies, and polymer organic materials. Vazyme has successfully entered into various sectors such as biological research, in vitro diagnosis (IVD), bio-pharmaceutical and so on.

With an emphasis on product quality and innovation, GenTarget develops and manufactures many proprietary technologies such as the SureTiterTM Lentiviral systemLocLightTMLive cell imagingLoxP GFP/RFP ColorSwtich for CRE reporting system, and EcoTM instant PCR cloning method, as well as a wide selection of Signal Transduction Pathway Report Lentivirus product series.

ABclonal aims to improve the accuracy and precision of life science research for scientists around the world by providing high-quality, personalized biology research reagents and services. Abclonal’s large catalog of off-the-shelf products can be customized to ensure the antibodies, peptides and proteins best suited to the customers.

Ebba Biotech is a Sweden-based company spun from cutting-edge research at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Ebba’s products are fluorescent tracer molecules that labels protein aggregates and carbohydrates in their native form. These molecules have a few unique properties, such as only fluorescing when bound to the target, resulting in minimal background fluorescence, and the fact that they are non-toxic and hence allow real-time monitoring of live cultures. The top advantage of Ebba’s products is their ease to use, with 30 minutes incubation and no laborious washing steps. We cater to customers worldwide including neuroscientists (labelling of amyloids), microbiologists (labelling in bacterial biofilms) and plant physiologists (mapping plant anatomy).

Ubigene Biosciences is co-founded by biological academics and elites from China, the United States, and France. Their goal is to make genome editing easier. They dedicate their R&D to maintain and improve our services and products.

Celtarys is a newly created company focused on the development of innovative chemical tools that improve the efficiency of the High Throughput Screening (HTS) process in early drug discovery:
– Avoiding the use of radioactivity
– Improving the performance of HTS and lead optimization assays
– Reducing costs

FenicsBio is a biotech company dedicated to providing innovative, highest quality of products and services for functional genomic studies. They focus on providing genome-wide products and tools for deciphering gene function in vitro and in vivo. Their unique design of genome-wide shRNA and tissue/cell specific promoter combination allows easy tissue specific gene knockdown in a spatial and temporal manner in vivo.

BroadPharm is a leading customer-focused biotech company. They offer high purity PEG linkers, click chemistry tools, nanoparticle delivery lipids, IP- protected custom service & synthesis for their clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They provide timely technical support to address their clients’ needs and offer technical advice for the best use of their new products.

Magtivio BV from the Netherlands is a producer of ready-to-use materials and complete solutions based on specific application areas. Product kits are available for sample materials like serum, plasma, oral-nasopharyngeal swabs, as well as circulating cell-free DNA. The kits can also be used for the purification of genomic DNA from plant tissue and seeds, and from animal tissue and body fluids.

GenomeMe Lab Inc. is a Vancouver-based biotech company specializing in mouse and rabbit IHC (immunohistochemistry) monoclonal antibodies for clinical diagnostic use. They are rising to be a dominant player in diagnostic IHC applications, an increasingly essential part of future precision medicine technologies.

TdB Labs was founded by the dextran pioneer Tony de Belder in 1991 in Uppsala, Sweden. They are now a global provider of dextran derivatives and other polysaccharides specialized in both manufacturing and further optimization of the products, as well as developing innovative cutting-edge products for your unique needs. TdB Labs develops, produces, and analyses dextran derivatives and other polysaccharides for a wide variety of applications within life science.

Creative PEGWorks is a biotechnology company located in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina with a core business to innovate, manufacture and supply advanced functional polymer products. They manufacture polyethylene glycol, polysaccharide, and polyamino acid derivatives and reagents for research at universities, federal laboratories, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies. They also offer PEGylated, glycosylated, lipidated and dye-labeled biodegradable polymers and their activated derivatives that are reactive toward biologics, nanoparticles, surfaces, microspheres, self-assemblies, and small molecules.