Cell/Tissue Culture

Cell Biologics provides primary endothelial, epithelial cells and other cell types from genetically-modified and wild-type mice to meet the needs of scientific studies.

Cellero delivers the most reliable biomaterials, custom research services, and clinical laboratory services to advance the discovery and development of new treatments and cures.

Cell Systems is focused on the development and manufacturing of the highest standard research tools for the science of cell biology. They provide human primary cells, media, and reagents institutions around the globe to aid in the understanding of cell biology and discovery of treatments for all varieties of human conditions.

AcceGen provides high-quality human/ animal cells, cell media/ kits, cell-derived molecular biology products, gene-based assay kits, Clones, FISH probes and Sequencing products for research use.

Being one of the largest bio-repository in the world, Creative Bioarray provides human and animal bio-banks collected from USA, Europe and Asia, and a large number of pre-formatted and customized human and animal tissue microarrays.

Creative Biogene focuses on developing high quality products and services, as well as proprietary technology to support the research in the field of basic life sciences research, biomedical development, industrial synthetic application, and preclinical drug discovery.

ReZolve Scientific specialises in the design and manufacturing of metal-based fluorescent dyes, and develops high photostability, low cytotoxicity and fast cellular uptake fluorophores which allow imaging of energy storage, cell signalling, metabolic processes and membrane dynamics in real time.

Cell Applications specializes in primary cell culture systems with wide array of primary cell types, optimized growth media and supporting cell culture reagents.

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